Quality Building Products

Why choose Classic?

Building products and ROI

Often specified by an architect, builder or designer, the products used for a home renovation or new build will have a huge impact on ROI and overall satisfaction with the end result. In situations where the homeowner manages their renovation project, then the onus will be on them to select the best products and contractors for the job.

At Classic Exterior Home Renovations, we only offer products that we would use for our own homes.

Whats most important?

Energy Efficient Cool Metal Roof


Products that have proven to perform long-term in Ontario for both function and appearance.

Strassburger Custom Arched Windows


Products with colour and profile choices to enhance the curb appeal of every style home.

Permanent Metal Roof Installation in Oakville


Products that will save money on energy bills and reduce carbon footprint.

Indicators of a high quality building product

Here’s what we consider before offering a building product to our clients:


Questions to ask: How long is the warranty? Is cosmetic appearance covered in the warranty? How long has the product been in production? Has it been tested in my climate?


Questions to ask: Will the look of the product enhance the look of my home?

Energy Efficiency

Questions to ask: Has it been Energy Star rated? Is it eligible for LEED Credits? Is it recycled or recyclable?

Low or No Maintenance

Questions to ask: Will I need to do anything to maintain its function and beauty? If so how much time and money will be required over the long term?

Strong Warranty

Questions to ask: Is the warranty Pro-rated? Are there any loopholes?

Value for Money

Questions to ask: What is the true cost over time? Will I need to replace or repair it? If yes, how many times while I am living in this home? Will it add to the resale value of my home?

Good Design

Is the product designed to last in the climate that I live in? Is the design specifically for long-term residential use? Is it designed with ease of installation and low maintenance in mind?

Manufacturer History

Questions to ask: How long has the manufacturer been in business? What kind of reputation do they have?

Colour and Style Choices

Questions to ask: Are there colours and styles to enhance my style of home?

Consumer Feedback

Questions to ask: What do real homeowners like me have to say about their experience with the product?

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