Which front door is right for me?

The replacement of your front door is a great opportunity to add character to your home. Entry doors can provide an interesting focal point and reflect the personality of home dwellers. Beyond style is the question of function and how to choose a door that will perform well over the long-term. Heres a brief overview of the main 3 types of entry doors.

Novatech® Steel Mundo Door. Made in Canada.

Steel: Steel front doors are considered to be the most strong and secure type. Galvanized steel is used to cover an insulated wood frame and then coated with an epoxy for further rust protection. Steel doors can be painted in any colour and come in a wide variety of profiles. Low maintenance and relatively inexpensive when compared with wood and fibreglass. Life expectancy: 10-15 years. Cons: steel doors can be dented and if they are scratched to the core they can form rust. 

Mastergrain Fibreglass Door PHOTO CREDIT: Novatech

Fibreglass: Fibreglass front doors are low maintenance and come is the largest variety of styles. Profiles can be flat, patterned or made to look like wood. Less likely to dent or scratch than other options, fibreglass doors often have an energy efficient composite core. Fibreglass doors are ideal for climates with weather extremes as they will not warp or rot. On the mid to high end in terms of pricing, better quality fibreglass doors will have a lifetime warranty. Cons: fibreglass doors will have a higher initial cost.

Painted Wood Entrance Doors

Wood: Wood front doors are best used in covered situations to limit exposure to moisture. Attractive and traditional, wood doors can provide a rustic and warm feeling to a home. High quality hardwood doors will be the most expensive option and need regular maintenance (painting/sealing) to prevent water absorption. Cons: High priced, high maintenance and prone to water damage and chips/scratches.

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